Me And My Roommate…

Me and my roommate invited this guy over who was an ex of a friend of mine. We found out (me and him) that we went to the same college and just started hanging out a bit here and there. So my roommate also got to know him and invited him to pregame with me and her in our room for a few Halloween parties. We never made it to the parties that night. Me and my roommate got incredibly drunk, we offered him some but he didn’t drink much. When my roomate left to go to the bathroom I went and laid on my bed because I was drunk and tired. He started kissing me at first I was so started I didn’t know what to do and then he tried to grope me. My mind snapped back on and I told him to stop and pushed him away. I could still feel his sweaty hands still on me. I felt like I was going to throw up and it wasn’t from the alcohol. I walked out of the room and get some water and take some time to gather myself. When I got back to my room I find him on top of my roommate, he jumped off when I came in, her lipstick was all over him. I walked him to his dorm after that and he asked if we could all still be friends I said we would but I knew I was lying. When I got back to the room I took off my Halloween costume I had been so excited about and went to my bed and cried for hours. The next morning I felt even worse, I felt so taken advantage of, when I talked to my roommate she agreed last night felt horrible. For a year I refused to talk about what I did for Halloween. I avoid all jazz nights my school has now because he is a jazz drummer. He waved to me once in the cafe and I was frozen. I have never reported it, I don’t even know if I can report something like this. He made me feel so gross and violated my depression spiraled. I am stronger now and I will stand up till the day I die fighting for other women who have gone through any sort of sexual abuse. This story wasn’t my end it was a beginning.


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