To Our Dearest Assaulters

We haven’t forgotten what you did to us. We remember every breath taken, word spoken, every touch and every eye shift from that night, day or days of you taking advantage of what wasn’t yours and what will never be yours. Our bodies were violated and some of us stayed silent for so long. Some of you threatened us, some of you shamed us, some of you even believed you got away with it. Now it’s our time to speak up and stand up to show the public what you have done. We are sick of hiding and seeing so many people go through the exact same thing we had to experience. Fortunately for you we live in a society where it’s so hard to legally fight you back, you get to live your life and continue to walk our streets violating bodies like they are yours to toy with. You may even think it’s okay to still be taking people like us, human beings, and ripping apart of them away. It’s unacceptable what you have done. Although, we do live in a society that sexualizes human bodies, since “sex sells”, those exposures and photos really have an effect on people like you. They teach you that we are not people, just objects, objects for sex and your own pleasure. You weren’t taught respect or how to interpret the word “no” you entered our lives (and bodies) and most of you we trusted. Some of you are even family, some of you were our significant others and some of you were just random beings that we happened to cross paths with. No matter who you are, you all did the exact same thing, you took advantage of us. You viewed us in such a small way that you thought that you had the right take something from us and violate our property. For so long we have been scared, some of us can’t find ourselves in party scenes anymore or anywhere where drinking is happening, some of us are scared to leave our rooms in fear that we may see you again, some of us even have to suffer through seeing you still and not saying anything about it. Some of us are still living through the trauma in our dreams or daily thoughts, some of us even ended up with physical reminders of what you have done. Some of us had your children, what you did has never left us. We are done providing you with this power that you have over us. We are fighting back.

As you can see, we have joined forces. We are ready to stand up and to show you what we can do. Just because it’s hard for us to get legal help on fighting you back doesn’t mean that we can’t speak out about our experience. So, unfortunately for you we are peeling away the “power” you thought you gained over us. We are breaking the bonds that you have places upon us for so long, you don’t have power anymore. We are fighting, standing up and screaming until we are heard. A difference will be made. We have written our experiences and stories, we have published your actions against us, people are finding out what you have done. We are going to shift our society to seeing the truth, people are finally going to see what’s happening behind the curtain and you aren’t going to escape from this because we are strong, we are powerful and we are unified.

We thank you from the depths of our hearts for reading this,

The Survivors

P.S.  If you happen to not be an assaulter there is much you can do for us in support. Please spread our message and explore our blog where you can submit your own experience or just pass on the message that needs to be known. Like mentioned within the letter we have a compilation of many raw experiences from real victims that have come to us to stand up and speak out. We are fighting for them as well as those who can’t speak out or aren’t ready and we encourage you to do the same. Please read the experiences (our stories) and allow yourself to know the true effects of these all too common events.